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The financing of the AREV

The AREV budget is made up of contributions from member regions, contributions that can be made by communities, personalities or organizations interested in the work of the Association, in particular organizations representing production or appellation zones, grants, donations and bequests that could be paid to it, income inherent in the exercise of its activity (participation in session costs, specific work …), interest and royalties, goods and values that it could possess as well as remuneration for services rendered (study contracts, etc.), all other resources which would not be contrary to the laws in force.

The Budget of the Association comprises the Ordinary Budget covering the expenses of the overall functioning of the Assembly, and the subsidiary Budgets concerning programs or operations financed by specific resources, in particular financing from European institutions or transfers from the Ordinary Budget.
The permanent capital of the Association will be increased as quickly as possible and maintained at an amount equal to the amount of the Ordinary Budget in order to cover operating risks.
The accounts are certified annually by a registered Statutory Auditor, who performs his duties under the conditions provided for by Law No. 66-537 of July 24, 1966. He must present to the Plenary Session called to rule on the accounts a written report of its verification operations.
The Statutory Auditor cannot exercise any function within the Association.